January 8 - 10, 2012    Palm Beach FL , USA
TRENDZ is a professionally run, wholesale order-writing show that is open to the trade only. Presented at the Palm Beach County Convention Center in Palm Beach, TRENDZ is an open-booth show that accommodates all exhibitors on one floor and under one roof.

TRENDZ is a regional market that draws retailers from the state of Florida, the Caribbean Islands, as well as an increasing participation from out-of-state stores. If you are interested in building your account base in these areas, TRENDZ offers you that opportunity!

Ongoing marketing programs are utilized to bring new accounts to every show as well as to bring back established return business. Those programs include:
• Retailer mailings
• E-mail blasts
• Global fax campaigns
• Telemarketing programs designed to target:
1. Existing accounts in the TRENDZ retailer database.
2. Specific quality accounts that are offered incentives to attend market.

Additionally, TRENDZ provides its exhibitors with marketing tools to assist in their pre-show marketing campaign.
• All exhibitors receive buyer registration lists from prior shows.
• New exhibitors are offered either a complimentary mannequin or an accessory shelf for display during the show, thereby gaining excellent product exposure.

TRENDZ’ cost-effective exhibitor package offers the following:
• For apparel exhibitors, a quality customized booth that includes hardwall panels at the back of the booth with hanging bars…ready for the exhibitor to hang in upon arrival.
• For accessory exhibitors, a complete booth setup that provides tables and risers allowing for maximum space utilization.
• A standard equipment package that provides a specified number of tables determined by booth size, chairs, hanging bars or risers, wastebasket, generic booth signage, and electrical service.
• “Buyer-friendly” and “business-friendly” environment within whic


Location: Palm Beach County Convention Center
Tourism is Palm Beach County's number one industry, generating over $2.6 billion dollars annually in our area's economy. The Palm Beach County Convention and Visitors Bureau is charged with the..
Contact 1555 Lakes Boulevard, Suite 800 West , FL 33401 Palm Beach , USA

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