April 11 - 12, 2011    Сидней , Австралия
Arrowhead's 3rd Annual Personalized Medicine Partnerships Conference will shed light on issues of paramount importance to the future of personalized medicine, including the importance of Rx-Dx partnerships, clinical utility/validation, adoption and the commercial realities of personalized medicine in the global healthcare marketplace.

Personalized medicine has the potential to revolutionize medical care by utilizing an improved understanding of genetics and molecular biology to allow for better diagnostic tests, more precise diagnoses, greater predictability of disease course, and improved patient safety by selecting not only the right drug for a patient but also the proper dosage to reduce adverse effects.

Speakers and panelists will answer the following key questions:

* What types of challenges need to be met in order to realize the true commercial potential of personalized medicine?
* Will insurers fund the genomic revolution? What types of validation requirements are they looking for? What will be their criteria for reimbursement?
* What are the real-world challenges to successful adoption of molecular/companion diagnostics?
* Who needs to partner in order to advance the field of personalized medicine? What are the goals, utility and challenges associated with Rx-Dx partnerships? How and when are relationships being initiated today?
* How are companies navigating their way through the world's regulatory bodies?
* What kind of impact are Pharmacy Benefit Managers (PBMs) and for that matter new genetic testing benefit managers going to have on the future of personalized medicine? What types of efforts are being made to influence adoption via physician education?

Место проведения

Location: The InterContinental Hotel
Обратная связь Sydney , Australia

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