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Past Events

Feeding the World
WORLD HUNGER: A CRISIS NOW AND A CATASTROPHE IN 2050? · Global population is projected to reach 9.6 billion by 2050 · Limited agricultural land and..
Details 13 February, 2014
The Lisbon Summit
Join The Economist Events for the most important business event for Portugal in 2014! The Lisbon Summit will bring policymakers together with..
Details 18 February, 2014
Feeding the World
With malnutrition in the form of under-nutrition and obesity increasingly affecting people across the world in all different economic..
Details 12 February, 2015
The Lisbon Summit
Which route should Portugal take to achieve prosperity by 2030? Like much of Europe, Portugal stands at a crossroads. The decisions made by the..
Details 24 February, 2015
Pharma Summit
With payers tightening belts and a general call to improve access to and affordability of drugs across markets, it is time for the pharma industry to..
Details 26 February, 2015
Arctic Summit
HAS INVESTING IN THE ARCTIC BEEN OVERSOLD? The ice might be melting but megaprojects planned in the Arctic are coming to a grinding halt with..
Details 12 March, 2015
The Future of Travel
The travel industry is evolving at its most rapid pace ever. As the global economic recovery continues, the travel industry is experiencing a..
Details 24 March, 2015
The Big Rethink UK
The Age of the Entrepreneurial CMO March 24th 2015, Kings Place, London Enter the age of the “entrepreneurial CMO”—a new generation of marketer,..
Details 24 March, 2015
Talent Management Event
Talent has always been important but now it needs to become an inseparable part of business strategy on par with technology and finance. The global..
Details 16 June, 2015
China’s Brightening Trade Landscape Virtual Event
By some measures, China became the world’s largest economy last year, representing 10% of all global trade. The country is America's second largest..
Details 4 August, 2015
Health Care Forum: War on Cancer
New weapons are emerging in the war on cancer thanks to breakthroughs in science, cutting-edge technologies, more efficient regulation and most of..
Details 29 September, 2015
War on Cancer Conference
The Economist Events inaugural summit will gather 200+ leaders from across the oncology community to explore and shape the dialogue on cancer. The..
Details 29 September, 2015