July 11 - 12, 2012    Adelaide , Australia
The China Australia Resources Symposium is the premier resources and energy event in Australia aimed at developing sustainable relationships between Australia and China with a focus on investment in the resources and energy sector.

This two day event supported by the South Australian Government will focus on ways to develop meaningful and lasting relationships between China and Australia and showcase investment opportunities in Australia that may be of interest to China and also for the Chinese to showcase some of their investment opportunities to Australian investors.
The Symposium will also feature keynote presentations from Government representatives and leading financial and industry advisers from across Australia and China. Presentation topics will include the economic outlook for China and Australia, legal and financial issues for investment, alternative energy strategies and solutions, and case studies of existing China-Australia partnerships.

Key features of this two day events include:

-Simultaneous translation between Chinese and English
-Two day Symposium featuring keynote presentations from expert Chinese and Australian speakers
-Keynote presentations from leading resources and energy industry advisers
-Symposium gala dinner on the 12th July
-Opportunities for all delegates to meet each other by way of latest technology


Location: Hilton Hotel Adelaide
Contatta 233 Sq Adelaide , Australia


Level 9, 66 King Street, Sydney , NSW , Australia 2000
+61 (0)2 9299 4350

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