February 9 - 10, 2015    San Diego CA , USA
Join top experts in the industry to discuss the hottest issues in pharmaceutical publication planning today. TIPPA’s 14th Annual Meeting brings together a variety of players involved in the publication planning process - from pub planners to medical writers to physicians & academia to medical journals - to discuss current issues surrounding pharmaceutical pub planning. Our renowned meetings provide a venue that promotes lively and constructive discourse on a wide range of issues affecting the pub planning environment. Roll up your sleeves, ask daring questions, hear innovative solutions, and walk away with tangible tools that you can apply right away in your publication planning department.

Highlights include:
An eye-opening discussion on the effects of the Sunshine Act on the publication planning business
Insights on tackling the challenges posed by new transparency and data sharing guidelines
An overview and discussion on current issues in pharma that effect – and are effected by - publication planning
Tools for measuring the impact and value of publications
Tips for managing an efficient publication department with limited resources
Mastering project management prioritization – how to make the biggest impact with your publications in the face of time & budgeting constraints
Taking a look at the changing environment of pub planning outside of the US


Location: Westin San Diego
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