1 June, 2014
The 11th International Conference on Enterprise Systems, Accounting and Logistics 2014 (11th ICESAL 2014) will take place in Greece.
ICESAL, organized by Human Asset SA (www.humanasset.com) and supported by the Department of Accounting and the Department of Logistics of the Alexander Technological Educational Institute (TEI) of Thessaloniki, and the Postgraduate Program in Accounting and Auditing of the Department of Accounting, TEI of Crete, Greece, has emerged as one of the most inspiring, profound and interesting conferences in the area of the disciplines of Accounting, Logistics, Management and Enterprise Systems. The conference has attracted eminent academics and practitioners as well as PhD students from all five continents, specializing in the areas of Computer Science, Accounting, Finance, Human Resources, Management, Marketing, ERP, SCM, CRM, Knowledge Management, Logistics and Education, either as distinct disciplines or on their interaction.


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