June 24 - 26, 2013    london , United Kingdom
Now more than ever we must prioritise the need to counter IEDs. The withdrawal from Afghanistan should not hide the continued threat posed by IEDs to both militaries and civilians worldwide. As we move towards a future where the unpredictability of the IED will only increase, we must act now to ensure that security and military personnel can uphold the hard earned capabilities developed over the past decade.

Counter IEDs 2013 will look towards the future and address the challenges that militaries and defence organisations face as the nature and use of IEDs changes. Through case studies where lessons learned are shared, to strategies aimed to tackle the rise of domestic IEDs, our speaker panel will provide unique insights into current requriements where technology is needed to counter future IED threats. The threat of IEDs is still a game of cat and mouse between coalition and opposition forces, but there are now greater concerns such as the proliferation of domestic IEDs and the inability to shut down terrorist cells who are both financing and making these notorious devices. Now, coalition forces must train indigenous forces to uphold the capabilities which have been installed in Afghanistan to counter IEDs and by training national forces, all forces can work together to reaffirm the global need to counter IEDs.

Featured Speakers:
Colonel Gareth Bex
Colonel Rafael Jimenez Sanchez
Commander Charles-Henri Rey
Lieutenant Colonel Jorg Dahnenkamp
Major Vitor Felisberto
and more...


Location: 76 Portland Place
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