April 16 - 18, 2013    Moscow , Russia
8th International specialized exhibition of vacuum machines, equipment and technologies.

Organizer: MVK International Exhibition Company
Co-organizer: Scientific Research Institute for Vacuum Machinery named after S.A. Vekshinsky.
General sponsor: INTECH ANALYTICS

Leading manufacturers of vacuum and cryogenic equipment at the only vacuum exhibition in Russia and the CIS.
The main objectives of the exhibition are to demonstrate unique achievements in the field of vacuum machinery, equipment, materials and technologies, and promote them in the market; establish business contacts; attract investment; and help formulate and implement national and regional programmes in the vacuum industry.

VacuumTechExpo 2013 will present leading manufacturers of vacuum pumps, machines, devices, and systems for creating a vacuum. The exhibition will feature vacuum presses, cleaners, valves, filters, moulding units for working in a vacuum, sputtering units, turbo pumps, cryopumps and other vacuum, compressor, electro-thermal and cryogenic equipment, as well as devices for vacuum measurement: vacuum gauges and vacuum transducers.

The exhibition key target is to display unique advances in vacuum equipment, materials and technologies, assist in promotion to the market; establish business contacts, attract investment and assist in formation and implementation of national and regional programs in the field of vacuum equipment, materials and technologies.

The business program includes symposiums, conferences, presentations and round table discussions on application of vacuum equipment, materials and technologies in various industries, industry state overview and development prospects.


Location: EcoCentre Sokolniki
Contact Moscow , Russia

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