January 26 - 27, 2010    Tokyo , Japan
The conference brings together key regulators, exchanges, hedge funds, proprietary traders, brokers and solution providers to network and discuss new investment opportunities and methods for ensuring your system is able to cope with the demands of lightning-quick trading strategies – colocation and high frequency trading.

With the game-changing introduction of Arrowhead and the recent launch of Osaka Stock Exchange’s new high-speed derivatives system, the trading landscape in Japan is now primed for the next generation in speed and efficiency. With latency levels all but disappearing and the speed and volume of trades increasing exponentially, it is now crucial that you are fully aware of both the challenges and opportunities that this high-speed revolution brings.

If you are looking to be at the forefront of the High Frequency Trading environment in Japan, or are looking to learn more about the huge potential benefits that the development brings, this is the perfect event for you.

Contact [email protected] to request for more information.


Location: The Westin Tokyo
Contact 1-4-1, Mita Meguro-ku , Japan IS 3-8980 Tokyo , Japan
+81 3 5423 7000

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