April 23 - 26, 2012    Toronto , Canada
What is Marketing Optimization?

Tools and techniques to streamline customer acquisition, conversion and retention to make more, spend less and increase customer satisfaction.
What will I learn at eMetrics?

A whole lot of how-to...

-Increase measurable value from your website, campaigns and communications
-Take your understanding of social media metrics to the next level
-Use data, technology and processes to improve the online customer experience
-Increase marketing performance offline by listening and learning from customers online
-Create an analytics-based marketing and business culture

eMetrics is where professional digital marketers advance their expertise and expand their online marketing analytics skill-set. Learn how industry leaders are increasing marketing ROI through optimization of campaigns, communications, content, and the overall customer experience. Share successes, challenges and proven techniques with a global community of digital analytics professionals.
Put online marketing analytics to work

Experts from over 40 top global and national brands will teach you how they are:

-Establishing a marketing metrics baseline
-Correlating offline and online measurements
-Connecting customer satisfaction data with customer behavior data
-Comparing online to other channels of acquisition and distribution
-Changing a corporate culture to embrace marketing experimentation

2012 is your year to:

-Optimize marketing value
-Optimize awareness & acquisition
-Optimize persuasion
-Optimize retention & loyalty
-Optimize your value to your company


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