December 7 - 9, 2010    Mumbai , India
India’s agriculture has long-lasting traditional links to organic farming. Nature friendly farming systems such as mixed farming, mixed cropping and crop rotation have been practiced in India for generations. The variety of climate zones enables this large subcontinent to grow an outstanding selection of products from teas and coffees, to spices, nuts, fruits, grains and vegetables.

In a world where consumers are increasingly aware of what they eat and consume, quality becomes a key issue and a unique selling proposition. In that respect the National Program for Organic Production (NPOP) paves the way to make India a key player in the organic business. Several states in India have either declared themselves as organic states or are promoting organic farming and production vigorously.

India's target by the year 2012 is to reach 1 billion USD in world organic trade by further converting agricultural acreage into organic production. Parallel the domestic markets for the organic products are growing in India. The first nationwide market study in India conducted by ICCOA reveals a potential of over 285 billion USD existing in eight major cities alone.

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Location: Bombay Exhibition Centre
Bombay Exhibition Centre (BEC) is the largest and permanent exhibition centre, in the private sector, in India and was set up in 1991. BEC has hosted several prestigious International trade..
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