March 30 - April 1, 2010    Guangzhou , China
Name: 2010 China (Gguang Zhou ) Exhibition health maeeage equipment
Dates: 30 Mar, 2010 - 1 Apr, 2010

Exhibition Scope:
1、Massage equipment: massage chair, massage sofa, massage beds, massage device, massager, massage pillow, massage hammer, massage cushion, massage stick , foot massage basin, blood circulation machine, massage machine, massage belt, sports massage equipment, medical massage equipment, massage equipment accessories

2、Health care equipment categories: rehabilitation equipment, rehabilitation equipment, massage device, the electronic and microelectronic equipment, the human body functions, and others of the physical therapy treatment instrument equipment

3、Physical testing equipment: stopwatch, sports tables, cardiac testing watch, recorded step-by-step devices , electronic and so on.

4、Healthy Living Experience: Green aerobic exercise, yoga, aerobics, weight exercises, dynamic exercises, hip-hop, Latin, Pilates and so on.


Location: Canton Fair Pa Zhou Complex
Contact East Xin Gang Road Guangzhou , China

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Exhibition Health Maeeage Equipment March 30 - April 1, 2010