16 March, 2010    london , United Kingdom

Visitors: 3000
Exhibitors: 40
The Cloud Computing Congress examines the latest state of cloud computing, the technical challenges, and how the applications can be controlled and managed in a cloud-based environment. 

Areas covered include, a practical guide on cloud computing for your business - how your business can benefit, the value proposition, and the impact on the IT function. Building and managing applications in the cloud - how to manage and control applications and resources in the cloud environment? Finally, security, testing and management of cloud infrastructures - key risks in cloud computing and interoperability of cloud systems. 

The Cloud Computing Congress is an event designed for the CIO, Head of IT, government IT decision makers and more, allowing you to learn from key cloud computing deployments - their successes and failures, and how far the market has come so far?

Cloud Computing Congress is part of the Cloud Computing Series http://www.cloudcomputingseries.com and will also take place in North America in June and Asia in September 2010.


Location: Olympia Conference & Exhibition Centre
The Grand Hall is famous for its stunning Victorian architecture, barrel-vaulted roof, and magnificent galleries. It offers exceptional space and flexibility, as well as plenty of natural daylight...
Contact Hammersmith Road, Kensington, W14 8UX Twickenham , United Kingdom
+44 (0)20 7385 1200

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Cloud Computing Congress 16 March, 2010