June 6 - 14, 2010    Maryland MD , USA
If you like what the SANS Internet Storm Center (ISC) has to offer, then you will love SANSFIRE! SANSFIRE 2010 will get you ready to defend your network against the threats we battle at the SANS ISC every day. Each evening, the Internet Storm Center handlers will share riveting talks on their most interesting experiences and newest cyber hazards. Get the tools you need to stay ahead of the bad guys! These special presentations are free to everyone who attends a course at SANSFIRE 2010.

Meet us again in Baltimore, MD, where SANSFIRE will run from June 6-14. Nothing fosters information sharing and trust building better than face-to-face meetings like SANSFIRE 2010. Get to know the Internet Storm Center experts and expand your cyber network!

Along with the Internet Storm Center handlers, you'll meet SANS world-class instructors teaching SANS top-rated courses. These top instructors will present over thirty courses covering penetration testing and hacker exploits, security management, wireless, forensics, secure coding, and more. See our Courses-at-a-Glance page for the whole list of courses and links to the course descriptions. We also have 11 one-and two-day courses to round out your training, which if taken with a five- or six-day course, will be available at 50 percent of the normal tuition fee.


Location: Hilton Baltimore
Contact 401 West Pratt Street Baltimore Maryland , USA

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