21 June, 2010    Chicago IL , USA
Over the last decade, computer systems and applications in everyday use have grown to unprecedented scales. Large clusters serving millions of search requests per day, grids executing large workflows and parameter sweeps consisting of thousands of jobs, and supercomputers running complex e-science applications, have now hundreds of thousands of processing cores, and clouds are quickly emerging as a large-scale computing infrastructure. In addition, peer-to-peer systems and centralized video distribution systems that dominate the internet, online social networks, and complicated internet applications such as massive multiplayer online games are used by millions of people every day.

In view of this tremendous growth, understanding the performance of large-scale computer systems and applications has become vital to institutional, commercial, and private interests. This workshop solicits original papers on performance evaluation methods, tools, and case studies explicitly focusing on the challenges of large scale, such as decentralization, predictable performance, reliability, and scalability. It aims to bring together system designers and researchers involved with the modeling and performance evaluation of large-scale systems and applications.


Location: Chicago Cultural Center
Contact 78 E Randolph St Chicago , USA

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