April 14 - 17, 2011    Moscow , Russia
In conditions of the constantly changing market situation, it is extremely important for people to preserve their money savings. Investing into real estate abroad is one of the ways to avoid loss of your money. Intense activities of some international real estate markets have become an interesting trend of the past months. Those countries, which almost did not suffer of the financial crisis due to small volumes of borrowed money and low integration into the world financial markets, are of special interest. These are such countries, first of all, as Germany, Israel, Czechia, Bulgaria, Turkey and others. Economy of these countries demonstrates steady growth of GDP and low inflation despite of the world crisis. This creates favourable conditions for purchasing real estate both with the purpose of investing free funds and getting revenue with resale, and the subsequent leasing of the real estate with the consideration of tourist and migration potential of these countries.

INTERHOME — Real Estate Abroad is one of such events providing an opportunity to get a piece of advice from international real estate brokers, sales agents, developers, service and construction companies. 


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