April 25 - 28, 2011    Moscow , Russia
MVK International Exhibition Company

General partner:
Interstate association of developers and manufacturers of educational techniques (MARPUT)

Official support:

    * Ministry of Education and Science of the Russian Federation
    * Federal Education Agency of the Russian Federation
    * Education Committee of the Russian Federation State Duma
    * Chamber of Commerce and Industry of the Russian Federation
    * Education and Science Union of the Russian Federation

Assisted by:
EcoCentre Sokolniki

The Forum objective – demonstration of results of implementation of the Priority national project “Education” at all the directions and levels of the domestic education, assistance of perfection of education system, presentation of new educational and administrative technologies, innovative pedagogical projects.


    * MODERN EDUCATION – Innovative educational institutions of all the levels of general, vocational, additional education and retraining;
    * RUSSIAN REGIONS – Achievements of regional educational systems of subjects of Russian Federation in implementation of the Priority national project “Education”;
    * INFORMATION TECHNOLOGIES IN EDUCATION - Information and program technologies, educational Internet projects, distance education;
    * SCHOOL LITERATURE – Educative, cognitive and developing literature;
    * EVERYTHING FOR EDUCATION - Complex equipment for educational and training institutions;
    * DUCATION AND HEALTH OF STUDENTS - Health saving up programs in pedagogics, sports schools for children and youth, the improving centers, travel agencies;


Location: EcoCentre Sokolniki
Contact Moscow , Russia

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