10 June, 2010    Ottawa , Canada
This single-day event series is specially designed for people developing computer systems and time critical applications serving multiple industries, such as: military and aerospace, industrial control, data communication and telephony, instrumentation, consumer electronics, image processing, process control, medical instrumentation, vehicular control and maintenance, embedded appliances and more.

Technology knows no borders.
Around the globe thousands attend RTECC every year. Join us and be a part of an event that offers what you need to get ahead. Open-Door Technical Sessions. Get the latest information on growing and emerging technologies in multi-track sessions presented by industry experts.

Your resource opportunity.
A unique personal and professional setting to talk face-to-face with experts who are integrating a wide range of products into projects every day. Compare technologies, ask questions and learn about all the options available. Single Day Events. Appearing in strategic locations around the globe, this event happens once a year in your location.


Location: Brookstreet Hotel
Contact 525 Legget Drive Ottawa , Canada
+1 (613) 271.1800