March 6 - 9, 2011    Montreal QC , Canada

Visitors: 8000
Exhibitors: 370
Area: 100, 000 sq. ft.
Are you a wholesaler, manufacturer, distributor or designer who is interested in growing your business in Quebec? If so, exhibiting at the Montreal Gift Show is a proven strategy for generating new leads, opening new accounts and boosting your sales in Quebec.

* During the 4 day event, more than 9,000 retailers attend the Montreal Gift Show, making it the fastest solution for meeting the highest number of pre-qualified retailers in Quebec.

* 70% of our attendees do not attend any other wholesale gift show, offering you access and exposure to unique buyers you cannot see anywhere else.

* Hundreds of new retailers register and attend the show every year. This is the perfect venue for making contact with new businesses and retail buyers.
* 95% of our attendees make purchasing decisions for their stores allowing you to network and build valuable relationships with business owners and decision-makers.

More than 85% of our exhibitors renew their space every season, fueling their growth and success in Quebec.Like them, you can boost your sales in Quebec by becoming an exhibitor at the Spring 2011 Montreal Gift Show!


Location: Place Bonaventure
Welcome to Place Bonaventure, a one-of-a-kind single complex. Since its construction in 1967, Place Bonaventure has been the downtown reference for Montreal. This building that was once known as a «..
Contact 800, De La Gauchetière St. West Suite 240 Montreal , Canada
(514) 397-2233

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