September 3 - 6, 2010    Bangalore , India
International Foodpro & Bakerytech 2010 - Technology in Indian food processing is taking new dimensions as more and more companies move upwards to meet norms set globally on quality and safety side. The supply chain management in this area has had drastic negative impacts owing to the hitherto existing low-end technologies predominantly engaged by the industry. Driven to a great extent by rising global market demands and this, sustained by mounting pressure- to which we cannot in any way remain oblivious to- comply to international processing standards, the Indian food processing industry is waking up to the realities. The scope for investments in machinery is huge

The International Food Pro & Bakerytech 2010 is scheduled to be held from 3rd - 6th September, 2010 at Palace Grounds, Bangalore. You will appreciate Bangalore being the financial capital and nerve centre of business in the country shall have its instinctive benefits for the exhibitors participating.


Location: Palace Grounds Bangalore
Contact Armane Nagar, , Karnataka, India Bangalore , India
080 23360818

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