22 November, 2009    Toronto ON , Canada
The Ontario Reptile and Exotic Pet Expo is an event which allows individuals that have the same enthusiasm and passion for herpetoculture and aquaculture to gather in one location to share their experiences, their history and their concerns for the animals they all enjoy working with. "Herpetoculture" a word pegged by the late Tom Huff defined as the science and or keeping of reptiles. As is the definition of “Aquaculture”. At one time a sub ground hobby the keeping of reptiles, it has now become one of the fastest growing areas within the pet world. With this growth level also comes a much larger responsibility to the animals in which we care for.

One of the many objectives of The Ontario Reptile and Exotic Pet Expo is to assist in the education of the new keepers and updating some of the older keepers of exotics and reptiles. By offering many unique events at these Expo's we are hoping, along with the vendors, that many of the reptiles and exotics leaving the Expo to their new homes will enjoy many years of comfort and propagation to fulfill the wants of the many future herpetoculturists and aquaculturists.

Vendors from across the country display their respective products, captive bred reptiles, captive bred exotic pets, reptile related merchandise, exotic pet related goods and supplies. All under one roof for one day. Reptile Clubs, Exotic Pet Clubs, Reptile Rescue missions and various government related programs are also present to help answer any questions that any novice or long term reptile and exotic pet keeper need answered on the spot.


Location: Capitol Banquet Centre
Contact 6435 Dixie Rd. Toronto , Canada