November 19 - 20, 2012
IT For Govt 2012 is a platform bringing together key industry players to discuss the need for a pan-Arab strategy toward sustainable IT development in the Arab world. The forum's two-day conference shall discuss the current situation of the Arab IT industry, highlight the obstacles for growth, and recommend strategy for the future development.

IT for Government 2012 a two day-long conference where senior IT leaders from government and defence sector come together to discuss the leading IT and security strategies, methodologies and technologies for aligning IT with Government’s most pressing organisational needs. how they're using technology to drive change in government departments and agencies. Prominent CIOs from civilian, defence, and intelligence agencies will engage an audience of their peers in an open discussion of cyber security, Geospatial Intelligence, cloud computing, Green IT, and much more. Join this exclusive gathering of government technology executives to hear first-hand how they're driving change and innovation in IT services and operations.

The Conference sets the stage for IT Specialists to learn how to view IT and security from the perspective of creating value for the organisation by appropriately balancing IT risks and rewards. Incorporating top regional and international IT and security subject-matter experts, the IT for Government 2012 conference will arm attendees with the knowledge and tools necessary to build and manage agile and resilient IT programs while ensuring the protection of critical information assets. Technology has never been more critical to Government and Defence success as it is today, and this conference will illuminate the opportunities and risks such that organisations can realise optimal value from their technology programs.

• Keynote Speakers
Fadi Salem,Eng. Khurshid Alam,Ahmed Al Madani,Furgan Hashmi,Omer T.Syed,Anas Eltahir and many more.

Key Topics


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