September 5 - 7, 2011    Singapore , Singapur
As there is no room for errors or systems failure in the battlefield, it is important that the target’s position predicted is accurate and the probability of errors will be minimised. While accuracy plays a major part in mission, one of the most prominent challenges that engineers often face is targeting maneuvering and non-maneuvering objects. A maneuvering target requires the guidance system to change the flight path of the interceptor after being launched while the non-maneuvering target requires different criteria when an inceptor is launched within the atmosphere and out of it.

Other than the complexity of targeting moving/non-moving targets, engineers have to deal with noise interference which influences the accuracy of target tracking. Noise may influence the flight path of the inceptors and hence, results in the lack of pinpoint accuracy.

Missile combustion is another area of interests to many militaries. The dynamics of combustion may result in instability and inefficiency, causing an adverse impact in the performance of guided weapons.


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