January 24 - 25, 2012

Defence IQ is delighted to announce that following the great success of Tactical Data Links 2011, the event will return in January 2012.

With the increasing prevalence of numerous data link technologies, interoperability issues, ongoing complex coalition operations and the advent of non traditional data links there is a clear need for those from the military and defence industry to create and strengthen relationships.

Tactical Data Links 2012, then, provides a timely and eminent opportunity for the data links' community to gain the information it needs to confront an uncertain and multifaceted environment.

Building on the success of last year’s event, Tactical Data Links 2012 will focus on:

-Ensuring interoperability between data links such as Link 11, Link 16, Link 22, VMF and multi link systems across air, sea and land services.
-Assessing the latest integration efforts modern technologies onto legacy platforms.
-Sharing timely and priceless operational feedback from NATO missions in Libya and Afghanistan.
-Challenges of data sharing across various platforms between NATO and non NATO members such as in combat missions over Libya.
-How emerging nations are developing their data link capacity and their future plans.
-Examining the future role of non traditional data links in UAVs
-Investigating future data link technologies and the need for data to be seamlessly forwarded through multiple systems.


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