September 20 - 22, 2011    London , Reino Unido
The hugely successful Close Air Support conference will take place in London in September 2011. Supported by Lead Sponsor Raytheon, along with Sponsor Embraer the guest speakers will give an insight into:

* Operational Feedback: Examining in-theatre tactics, Commander level overviews of Joint air operations in support of ground forces and the doctrine covering FACs, JTACs and TACPs
* Platforms: Feedback on specific fast jet and rotary wing craft with selected presentations from: Harrier GR.9 , F/A-18 E/F Super Hornet, Super Etendard Modernise, Apache AH-64 and Gripen
* Targeting: Looking at performance of airborne targeting pods (e.g. LANTIRN, Damocles, Sniper), ground designation units and targeting/guidance systems (e.g. Sophie, ROVER) and other airborne ISTAR assets (e.g. JSTARS, Predator) to locate and engage an asymmetric enemy
* Training: How to utilise live, distributed and live-virtual constructive scenarios to prepare all elements of the joint force for CAS missions and how to integrate ever increasing numbers of Forward Air Control qualified personnel into an already complex and demanding mission
* Airspace Deconfliction: Information sharing among all services to ensure collaborative targeting, increased situational awareness and fires coordination
* Panel Sessions and Networking: No conference is just about the presentations – and so we offered unparalleled opportunities for questioning and answering that will enable real engagement between the speaker panel and audience. Coupled with networking sessions that will accommodate more sensitive “off-line” discussions, the entire conference is an extremely valuable exercise in meeting like minded practitioners and industry solution providers.


Location: Kingsway Hall London
Contact Great Queen Street Twickenham , United Kingdom

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