May 30 - June 1, 2011    Singapore , Singapur
The use of Military Satellite Communications (MILSATCOM) has been instrumental in the battlefield, enabling communications between deployed personnel and command centres. Warfighters recognise the benefits of milsatcom as it offers broad geographical coverage, mobility, and the critical real-time intelligence in the battlefield environment.

However, increasing use of milsatcom has created a dilemma for the war forces. Growing government demand for milsatcom requires significant budget to meet the demand of bandwidth- hungry battlefield operations. The increasing use of milsatcom has also resulted in bandwidth gaps within existing terminals supporting battlefield applications, causing interference and lagging performance due to limited bandwidth available. With future demand for milsatcom is seen to increase further, the government has to work on immediate solutions to the existing situation.

This course aims to conduct an in-depth discussion on resource management, spectrum management, along with interference and control. Participants to the course will be able to conduct capacity and bandwidth planning, resource allocation, frequency selection, frequency allocation, tools to mitigate interferences (intentional or unintentional), minimise interference to other (increasing) users.


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