April 12 - 13, 2011    London , Reino Unido
The agenda will address key developments in the fields of training interoperability, simulation solutions, integrated ISTAR training, multiple-platform UAV training solutions and the civilian training trials that are in place, whilst also assessing the operational performance and requirement initiatives behind UASs across the globe. In 2011, we aim to cover:

Exclusive Briefings Delivering Insight Into:

-Hear about the key training challenges, requirements and programmes for a series of UCAV, HALE, MALE and Small UAS fixed wing platforms including the Global Hawk, Scan Eagle, Predator
-Gain first looks into the results of the UK DAEDALUS trials, the US BETA Effort and Commercial Licensing Syllabi
-Hear how key operational experiences from theatre including counter-insurgency operations in Sri Lanka are helping to shape ideas for ISR training
-Input from the European Defence Agency will allow you to gain a better understanding of how to secure live flying time in civilian airspace
-Learn about the challenges faced by ship-based training leaders, schoolhouse course instructors, and in-house training program officers
-Hear the latest training requirements from US, UK, Indian, Italian and German forces (plus many more)


Location: The Park Lane Hotel London
Contact Piccadilly · London W1J 7BX Twickenham , United Kingdom
(44)(207) 499 6321

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