June 8 - 10, 2011
key conference topics

- Prioritize facility energy efficiency to meet the energy requirements
- Implement sustainable design to reduce water consumption and decrease greenhouse gases
- Update the current facilities to improve efficiency
- Addressing the role metering and metrics play in reducing energy waste
- Discussing renewable energy and the implementation and integration in federal facilities

conference focus

The US Government owns more than 500,000 buildings across the nation, and in FY2008 spent more than $7 billion to operate those buildings. That same year the government was billed an astronomical $24.5 billion on energy use. In 2009, President Obama signed several executive orders tasking the federal government to reduce their energy consumption by 30% before 2015, and eradicate fossil fuel use in new and renovated buildings by 2030. They have also been tasked to include renewables in their energy portfolio.

More than one year later, many agencies are still struggling to implement these orders. As the nations single largest user of energy, the government is trying to lead by example to reduce energy consumption and improve environmental, energy and economic performance. This event will allow communication between the agencies to share best practices and lessons learned, while also getting the pertinent questions to achieving energy efficiency answered.


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