March 29 - 31, 2011    Singapore , Singapur
System of Systems Engineering (SoSE) enables an organisation to obtain higher capabilities and achieve better performance than would be possible with a standalone system view. As military engineering projects grow in scale and complexity, there is increased recognition of importance of “System-of-systems” approach. Coupled with fast changing nature in warfare requirements, the adaptability of System-of-Systems are in particular crucial to operational readiness and mission success of a military organisation.

Nevertheless, the task of developing and managing system-of-systems is highly challenging as it involves integration and collaboration of multiple autonomous yet interacting systems. The SoSE 2011 seeks to address various issues in SoSE and discuss practical solutions to overcome the challenges. There will be in-depth discussions on system architectures, integration strategies, testing methods, validation and verification methods to ensure the success of SoSE. Core elements and best practices in SOSE will be reviewed as well.


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