January 18 - 20, 2011    Darmstadt , Alemania
Welcome to Airborne Early Warning and Battle Management 2011

Bringing together all the key components of the network, with input from the platform builders and operators, battle commanders and all other interacting assets, join the only dedicated event for the AEW community.

Do you deal with any of the following on a daily basis?
Boeing Wedgetail, Saab Eyieye, Sentiel, E-3D AWACS, E-2C/E–2D, IAI Phalcon, Boeing JSTARS/E-8, AWACS, NAEWC, Seaking SKASAC, Embraer AEW, Aerostat, IAI Phalcon, network centric warfare, NATO AWACS, Battle Management….

The complexity of the Airborne Early Warning and Battle Management market is endless. Over the past few years the conference has been guided by key thematic issues and our last event saw increased focus on integration with ISTAR assets.

For 2011, we aim to continue this expansion and examine the growing mission role of AEW aircraft and, crucially, the issue of AEW from a net centric perspective.

Conference themes include:

Integration of AEW aircraft with other equipment and assets – system of systems and net centricity
Interoperability with other platforms, including friendly AEW assets
The expanding role of AWE platforms - airspace deconfliction and air traffic control, BMC2, targeting, intel, border security and drug interdiction

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Beyond these themes the event will promote discussion and the sharing of ideas between vendors, operators and those customers that utilise the information provided by these powerful sensor systems.

Confirmed participation includes representatives from the US Navy, US Air Force, Swedish Air Force, with other briefings from Northrop Grumman and Agusta Westland


Location: Hyatt Regency Cologne
Contact Kennedy-Ufer 2A Darmstadt , Germany

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