October 12 - 14, 2010
Platform Survivability 2010 will be held on Oct 12-14, in Frankfurt, Germany. Please check us shortly for further venue information.

Platform Survivability 2010 takes a unique approach in offering four unique and leading platform specific conferences within one event. This will allow delegates to meet with individuals from across the field of survivability whilst being able to attend a conference specific to their area of expertise and operating environment. These conferences will include:

Vehicle Survivability - Defeating the threat and keeping one step ahead. Now in its third year, the Vehicle Survivability conference enables you to discuss the very latest threats to vehicles and their crews in current operational theatres and what latest technologies, equipment and doctrine is available to keep one step ahead of the threat.

Soldier Survivability - Developing effective equipment and training to fight and survive. Whether in the mounted or dismounted role, the protection of our service personnel when in combat theatres continues to be a primary objective. This conference focuses on the ability to provide the latest solutions to the warfighter that are lighter, more durable and above all, affordable.

Aircraft Survivability - Enhancing survivability in modern combat theatres. As the threat to fixed-wing, helicopters and unmanned systems continues to grow in current operational theatres this conference will analyse both the susceptibility and vulnerability of all aerial platforms. There will be specific analysis on helicopter survivability in the difficult terrain of Afghanistan and the continued development of unmanned vehicle protection systems.

Ship Survivability - Breaking the kill chain and maximising damage control. The rise in terrorist threats against maritime platforms and the greater emphasis on the littoral environment is causing specific survivability challenges. This conference will look at how to break t


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