June 15 - 18, 2010    Tallin , Estonia

Visitantes: 350
CCD COE invites cyber security professionals from government, the military and academia to discuss the growing connection between computer security and national security issues.
The conference addresses CCD COE’s leading research areas: the strategic, tactical, technical and legal aspects of conflict in cyberspace, relevant to NATO and beyond, via peer-reviewed, cutting-edge research in three parallel tracks:
Concepts & Strategy – Focuses on the key questions of strategy in cyberspace, e.g. How does national power and national security manifest in cyberspace? What are the national security implications from anonymous (non-state) cyber attack campaigns? How to model and analyze cyber power and cyber conflict?
Technical Challenges & Solutions - Covers a broad range of specific methods used in the everyday attacks and defences that occur in the online world, i.e. practical ways of obtaining attack information, vulnerabilities, exploit codes, risk avoidance, deterrence, prevention, detection, investigation, containment and recovery.
Law & Policy – Illustrates how international legal and policy input influences national-level cyber security and defence planning, decision-making and legislation. A number of concepts relevant to incident handling such as data exchange about the incident, cooperation with ISPs, and collective defence are examined from the IT/criminal law and the Law of Armed Conflicts perspective.


Location: Estonian Drama Theatre
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