December 6 - 8, 2010    Singapore , Singapur
style="font-weight: bold;" /> Maintenance Steering Group – 3 (MSG-3) has been a key to ensure up-to-date engineering logic in aviation maintenance today. Its top-down approach provides more benefits to derive the most appropriate scheduled maintenance task and interval for an aircraft’s major components and structure.
With the latest content and information, this course aims to provide its participants a sound foundation on the MSG-3 process and developing MSG-3-based Maintenance Programmes

This will be achieved by initially understanding MSG-3’s historical development and comparative advantages over MSG-2 and MSG-1. This will be followed by a discussion on reliability and failure characteristics theory to understand the MSG-3 logic, and then proceed to addressing the components of the MSG-3 methodology. There will also be focused sections on MSG-3 specifics (SSI, Zonal Maintenance, L/HIRF, etc.). Case studies, class exercises and workshops are also incorporated to effectively demonstrate the lessons and practical applications of the specific-subject matter.


Location: M Hotel Singapore
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