September 5 - 8, 2011     , Polonia

Visitantes: 12700
Expositores: 200
Zona: 18957 sqm.

The prestige and significance of the International Defence Industry Exhibition, which has been organized in Kielce for the 18th time, have long gone beyond the national and European borders. This event annually attracts representatives of the remotest parts of the world.

This year's MSPO enjoys visits by 20 delegations, six of them being presided by defence ministers (Bulgaria, Estonia, Lithuania, Ukraine, Georgia, Peru) and three including undersecretaries of state. 

Each year brings an increase in the number of fair participants coming to Kielce from far-off countries such as Brunei, China, South Korea, India, Algeria. A third of the more than 360 exhibitors represent the world's major corporations, e.g. Bae Systems, Boeing, MBDA, Raytheon, Elbit Systems. MSPO brings together over 13,000 visitors each year.

The same as in the past, this year’s MSPO is accompanied by a National Exhibition. This time it is the United Kingdom to present its defence potential. So far, the International Defence Industry Exhibition has played host to the National Exhibitions of Germany, France, Israel, Sweden, and Vysehrad Group countries. The presentation of the UK defence industry will take up an exhibition space of 500 square metres. 


Location: Targi Kielce
Targi Kielce have the second largest in the country of its own exhibition space. As the only center in Poland, Targi Kielce company a market advantage for the presentation of dynamic heavy..
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