September 10 - 11, 2014    雪兰莪 , 马来西亚
The Naval conference of the year for the Asia Pacific.

ANW 2014 is designed to meet the growing procurement requirements of the regions navies as they seek to modernize their capabilities.

Meeting Asian Naval Requirements in the 21st century.

The Asia Pacific makes up a sizeable share of the global naval shipbuilding market as its nations actively seek to modernise their surface and underwater naval capabilities.
The region represents a key market for warships, attack submarines, patrol vessels, sensors, radars, missiles and unmanned systems.

The motives for this modernization goal are many - China’s naval expansion and the beginnings of an aircraft carrier fleet, the US Asia pivot policy and its Air-Sea Battle doctrine, the uncertainty of North Korea, the steady rise of the gross domestic product in the region and piracy and terrorist fears.

ANW 2014 is designed to introduce modern naval capabilities including: platforms, technologies and inter-operational strategies (and co-operation) employed by leading international navies to an influential senior naval audience.

Market Snapshot:
Asia-Pacific is a growth market for platforms, support services & associated technologies
The region makes up 25% of global projected new ship market.

Regional navies forecast to spend a combined $180 billion over the next 15 years.

Currently the region is the largest market for submarine procurement.

ANW 2014 is supported by the Royal Malaysian Navy.


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Asian Naval Warfare September 10 - 11, 2014