May 21 - 22, 2013    基辅 , 乌克兰
On 21-22 May in Kiev at the Congress Centre "Olimpiyskiy" takes place the 5-th Ukrainian Biofuel Forum UBF-2013, a key event in the field of biomass, fuel pellets and briquettes, motor biofuels and biogas in Ukraine.

According to the IBCentre information, the solid biofuel production in Ukraine in 2012 amounted 810 thousand tons, which is approximately equal to the results of the last year. Market development trends – the small producers are leaving the market and at the same time the large ones are getting stronger positions and expand their activity. In addition, the biomass sector has shifted its focus to the construction and operation of the boiler-houses, stable supply of raw materials and, consequently, the creation of vertically integrated companies - from biomass waste to the heat and electricity supply. Change of the legislative regulation for "green tariff" has raised a number of questions not only from developers of biogas projects but it has also touched all the projects in the field of production of electricity from biomass. To date, there are just two enterprises in Ukraine in the field of biomass which have got the "green tariff" and only one company for the production of biogas has a special tariff. However, more than 15 large biogas projects are under implementation, in addition, many investors see the prospects of the electricity generation and cogeneration using solid biofuels. A number of regulatory and procedural issues in this area make UBF-2013 especially relevant.

Participants of the biofuel industry of the CIS and Eastern Europe will gather at the 5th Ukrainian Biofuel Forum, which has become recognized as the central business platform both for manufacturers, traders, consumers of the fuel pellets and briquettes and for the producers and consumers of electricity and heat from biomass. Also the important components of the Forum are production and use of biogas, motor fuel with biological additives, as well as investm


Location: Congress Centre "Olimpiyskiy"
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