November 22 - 23, 2012    莫斯科 , 俄罗斯
The Russian Federation annually accumulates one billion tons of organic waste, requiring efficient and environmentally safe recycling. For many companies producing wastes of aviculture, animal husbandry, plant cultivation, drains and waste of wood processing, the recycling problem is the most important now. How to get rid of the “baggage” of waste, not just to save on penalties but to make the highly liquid business project of the resources utilization?

The Seminar will focus on the issues of:
• Biogas production – a new market niche for building a highly profitable business;
• The legal aspects of the formation of the Russian branch of biogas;
• How to create the infrastructure in Russia for direct sales of biogas as an energy similar to the German project;
• Biogas cluster – the most effective model for creating an autonomous source of electric and thermal energy;
• How to protect yourself from mistakes in the construction and operation of the biogas sector;
• How to provide an effective sales network in the electricity produced in the biogas industry;
• At what materials make an effective bid for biogas production;
• What technological solutions to give preference to maximize the production of biogas;
• How to make money on the sale of organic fertilizer produced by biogas complex;
• Biogas as a fuel – efficient direction of recycling management and improving the environmental safety of urban transport;
• Energy crops as a stable source of raw materials for biogas production;
• How to prepare the biogas project to guarantee the investments.


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BIOGAS Specialized Seminar November 22 - 23, 2012