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Прошлые мероприятия

Superbugs and Superdrugs Conference
This year’s event aims to showcase a suite of sessions focused on novel drugs and approaches, particularly highlighting non-traditional and..
подробности March 16 - 17, 2020
Future Armoured Vehicles Weapons Systems
SMi Group are proud to host the fourth annual Future Armoured Vehicles Weapon Systems conference, which will convene in London on the 5th and 6th June..
подробности June 5 - 6, 2019
Energy from Waste
SMi’s eagerly awaited 11th Annual Energy from Waste conference will bring together international waste management operators, developers, bankers,..
подробности December 4 - 5, 2018
Annual International Port Security conference
The SMi Group's 8th Annual Port Security conference will take place on the 19th and 20th June 2017 and will bring together major sea port security..
подробности June 19 - 20, 2018
Alzheimer’s Disease Conference
Although an old process, Pharmaceutical Freeze Drying is ever evolving with new trends and approaches being used for pharmaceutical formulation. The..
подробности June 13 - 14, 2018
ADMET conference and exhibition
SMi is delighted to announce the 13th annual ADMET conference returning to London on the 9th - 10th July 2018.Developments in ADMET and novel..
подробности July 9 - 10, 2018
3D Cell Culture Conference
Building on the sell-out success of the launch event, SMi Group is delighted to announce the return of 3D Cell Culture, taking place on 21 - 22 Feb..
подробности February 21 - 22, 2018
Pain Therapeutics Summit
Analgesics are among the most commonly prescribed drugs in the world and yet, finding novel targets and mechanisms that may elevate hard to treat pain..
подробности May 21 - 22, 2018
Future Armoured Vehicles Weapon Systems
As the only meeting solely dedicated to enhancing armoured vehicles armament platforms and munitions, Future Armoured Vehicles Weapon Systems 2018..
подробности June 5 - 6, 2018