October 22 - 26, 2012    Le Bourget , Франция

Visitors: 34000
Экспоненты: 400
Euronaval is the undisputed meeting place for technological innovation in terms of:

-Naval defence
-Maritime safety and security
-Maritime environment
-Energy and maritime transport

The conference programme offers excellent opportunites to survey and discuss emerging trends and technologies relevant to naval and maritime sectors. R&D is also high on the agenda.

Euronaval exhibitors will be able to demonstrate their material in motion in an articifial pool. These dynamic demonstrations will hence highlight activities like naval UAVs, RIVs, or diving equiment.

Место проведения

Location: Paris Le Bourget
Paris Le Bourget is an exhibition centre that excels at large-scale outdoor shows! From planes to vintage cars, each passing season has its store of surprises. Renovated in 2009, Le Bourget now boasts..
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