January 15 - 18, 2010    ミラノ , イタリア
The new Macef: a future of new ideas from around the world for the most Italian of shows
The home, emotion, Italian-ness and internationality: these are the key points of Macef, the International Home Show which is already looking forward to the September 2010 edition when the renewal project in progress for this historic show will be complete.

To reach new markets, Macef will open up to original product sectors that have become new consumer opportunities, such as gardening, the outdoors and pets, because the home is everywhere we feel at ease, in the company of friends we love.

Valuable opportunities will come from the mingling of different cultures brought by the melting pot that, in Italy too, is being enriched with the traditions of many different countries; a mix of styles waiting to be discovered, of which the show aims to be in the vanguard, a forerunner.

Macef confirms its role as a platform for business, at the service of small enterprises looking for a privileged channel to launch themselves, of medium enterprises searching for new markets and of big brands that can find in Macef a great observatory on their sector.

Macef is Italian experience and international creativity: Macef, the Italian Experience


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