15 April, 2012
How do you turn good ideas into action that influences customer behavior and accelerates the buying process? How do you grab market share and stay relevant to your clients and customers for years to come? What are the simple tools you need to rebound from setbacks stronger than ever? Join NAMA for the 2012 Agri-Marketing Conference and get the answers to these pressing questions and more!

Do some mental spring cleaning with us in April. Recharge and return to the office with the innovations that will set you and your company apart in the year ahead.

This year’s keynote speakers are going to flip your thinking and challenge you to ask yourself the tough questions that will set you apart from the pack. Learn to identify and amplify your unique strengths to focus, stay on track and deliver remarkable results.

The 2012 Conference is just the right mix of marketing leadership and development … and tactical, strategic breakouts to arm you with action plans you can use immediately.


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