January 21 - 24, 2010    Bratislava , Slovaquie
The largest Slovak fair of tourism ranks among the most prestigious events in Europe. Since the humble beginnings in 1995 the fair has demonstrably established a firm position as one of the most important events in the European calendar of tourism and plays a significant role in the Slovak tourism industry. With the growing interest in the Slovak market the interest in the fair increases just as well. Over the past years, the ITF Slovakiatour has recorded an overall growth which is, every year, demonstrated by new participating countries, travel agencies and regions. The world financial crisis will also bring a new dimension to the tourism and its promotion. Therefore the fair is a place where the travel agencies, tourism resorts as well countries and regions present their quality services to motivate customers to pick a holiday. Due to this reason, the main idea of the 16th fair of tourism is the “QUALITY”. For the year to come, it is a challenge for exhibitors to ensure the satisfaction of clients which is represented by the quality of services for their important client categories. That is why everyone can find an excellent traveller’s experience at the ITF Slovakiatour.

Opening Hours:
21st - 24 1st 2010

Lieux de Rendez-Vous

Location: Bratislava Exhibition Ground
Our most important mission is the creation of optimal conditions for exhibitors and visitors and their mutual satisfaction "People remember: only 10 % of what they hear, only 20 % of what they..
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