July 11 - 16, 2010    Prague , Czech Republic
The IYLC blends social interaction with cultural and academic components to create a cohesive experience that promotes cross-cultural youth participation and socially responsible leadership.

The International Youth Leadership Conference proactively involves its participants in

* Simulation of the UN Security Council Meeting

* International Criminal Court Mock Pre-Trial

* Model European Parliament Proceedings

* Visits to foreign embassies, Senate of the Czech Republic, other governmental and non-governmental institutions

* Group debates and panel discussions on international security and justice, environmental sustainability, non-discrimination, leadership ethics and responsible policy-making

* Meetings and banquet dinners with leading experts, diplomats, politicians and businessmen


Location: Barceló Hotel
Barceló Hotel Czechoslovakia's "Velvet Revolution" in November 1989 was probably the most unequivocably positive of eastern Europe's anti-Communist upheavals, as the Czechs and Slovaks shrugged off 41..
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