February 1 - 4, 2010    Dubai , United Arab Emirates

Visitors: 1500
Exhibitors: 50
The conference aims to provide many interesting perspectives on how science and technology of drug discovery and drug therapy are changing rapidly, thereby providing new opportunities and challenges to scientists and medical doctors.

The major topics of discussion related to drug, discovery and therapy will include: Global Roundup of Pharmaceutical Research Capabilities and Opportunities, Successful Drug Discovery from the Research Lab to the Clinic, Drug Discovery in the Middle East: Challenges and Opportunities, Translational Medicine, Enabling Technologies, Proteomics & Bioinformatics, Drug Delivery, Antiinfectives, Biologics, Cardiovascular, Pulmonary Disorders, Central Nervous System, Diabetes and Obesity, Inflammation and Immunology, Oncology, Women’s Health Issues, Regulatory Affairs, Generic Pharmaceuticals: Challenges and Opportunities, Nanotechnology in Biomedical Research, Drug Discovery in Preclinical Research, Endothelial Dysfunction in Cardiovascular Disease, Development in other Therapeutic Areas and Global Pharma Outsourcing.


Location: Dubai Men's College
Contact PO Box 15825 , United Arab Emirates Dubai , United Arab Emirates
+971 4 326 0333