June 14 - 17, 2011    Seoul , Korea
Recent trend of broadcasting industry of the world is convergence, which makes distinction between industries meaningless,and the emergence of new market is expected through the cooperation between compainies and creation of new services.
New exhibitions expecting the emergence of new market through inter industry affiliation have been appeared in KOBA such ad Home Networking, T-Commerce, e-Learning, Security and tailored TV Portal.
Exhibition that Professional Demanders in Broadcasting Visit
From the beginnig, KOBA holds the exhibition together with Korean Broadcasting Engineer & Technicians Association so that engineers and producers as well ad relates parties in studios, production, a large scale performance, religions and academy. Many technical seminars and previews are held together, providing an opportunity to get more information.


Location: COEX
COEX is prominent landmark in Seoul. Located in the central business area, COEX is a destination for business, shopping, entertainment, and more. With a world-class convention and exhibition center,..
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