June 15 - 18, 2009    Algiers , Algeria
Over the past decade, Algeria has mobilised nearly 2,000 billion dinars to increase its water capacity and this exceptional investment continues with its new Five Years Plan for 2009-2014. Work in process and scheduled for the 2009-2014 period: > Production and distribution of drinking water - Building of new desalination plants (13 current projects) - Upgrading and expansion of drinking water supply networks - Improvement of water management and distribution: setting up of urban water supply management bodies and training of managers and staff > Water collection - 13 damsand major water transfer projects close to completion - South-south transfer (740 km from Aïn Salah to Tamanrasset) underway - Acceleration of viability studies for 3 major water transfer projects (water from the underground reservoir of the Albienne Nappe in the south to the Atlas) > Sewerage - Development and upgrading of sewerage systems - Upgrading of flood protection systems - Building of 40 treatment plants and upgrading of 20 others - Construction of 50 lagooning facilities > Irrigation - Creation of 15 new irrigation areas - Study or realisation of more than 160 retaining reservoirs for hillside run-offe - Dissemination of water-saving techniques and technology


Location: Safex Exhibition Park
La Société Algérienne des Foires et Exportations (Safex - SPA) est une entreprise publique issue de la transformation de l’objet social et de la dénomination de l'Office National des Foires et..
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