December 1 - 6, 2009    Bruselas , Belgica

Visitantes: 150000
Expositores: 400
Zona: 100.000 m2
AGRIBEX is one of the biggest agricultural fairs in Europe. More than 400 exhibitors from all the agricultural sectors are presenting their products and services on a surface of more than 100.000 m2. The major part of the 150.000 visitors visit the fair to make a purchase or to get informed about an eventual purchase. AGRIBEX offers the visitor a complete view of the agricultural sector: crops, garden and green spaces, furniture and products for stockbreeding, cattle competitions, Home-Grown Products.


Location: Square Brussels Meeting Centre
SQUARE provides its guests with all the very latest amenities - from superb auditoria and exhibition space, to cutting-edge business technology and audio-visual equipment. All this in a strikingly..
Contact Glass Entrance rue Mont des Arts B-1000 Brussels , Belgium
+32 (0)2 515 1300

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