May 14 - 16, 2010    Urumqi , China
2010 Xinjiang- Central Asia International Furniture Fair

Date: 14th – 16th May, 2010
Venue: Xinjiang International Exhibition Center, Urumqi
Sponsored by: China Council for the Promotion of International Trade, Xinjiang
China Chamber of International Commerce, Xinjiang
Foshan Municipal Bureau of Economy and Trade
Operated by: Foshan World Exhibition Co. Ltd
Worldexh International Co. Ltd
Supported by: Foshan Furniture Industry Association
Zhongshan Furniture Trade Association
Dongguan Furniture Association of China
Supported Media: Furniture Guide
Global Furniture Net
China Furniture Purchasing Information / Furniture Information
New Info. (Russia and China)
Discovery Resource—Furniture and furniture fittings
Discovery Resource— Woodworking Machinery
Cooperated by: Xinjiang Bike Exhibition Co. Ltd

Xinjiang, the largest autonomous region of China, is located in the furthermost northwestern part of the country. It borders the Gansu and Qinghai provinces to the southeast, and the Tibet Autonomous Region to the south. The region also shares a 5,000 km border with EIGHT DIFFERENT COUNTRIES.
Home to 47 of China’s 56 ethnic groups, a diverse range of religions co-exist within Xinjiang. Lamaism (Tibetan Buddhism), Islam, Buddhism, Taoism, Christianity, Catholicism, Eastern Orthodoxy and Shamanism all thrive side by side in the country’s foremost multicultural melting pot..

Economic Overview
Ever since the initiation of China’s opening-up and reform drive in 1979; the face of Xinjiang’s economy has been dramatically changed. In 2006, the region’s GDP reached RMB 301.9 billion – an 11% increment from its GDP the previous year. Within this figure, the value-added output of agriculture was RMB 53.3 billion (5.7% higher than in 2005), the value-added output of industry was RMB 143.8 billion (13.5% higher than in 2005) and the value-added output o


Location: Xinjiang International Exhibition Center
Kontaktieren 1292 South Xinhua Road Urumqi , China