8 April, 2010    Washington DC , Vereinigte Staaten
As a professional in this industry, you already know the multiple challenges, concerns, and issues nonprofit organizations face. As a nonprofit you not only need to be an expert in your field, but you need to know what the government and outside groups are doing that will impact your ability to raise money and market your organization. Find out the answers to questions like:

    * Will changes to the tax code impact my fundraising?
    * How do privacy issues affect my social media plan?
    * Is my mail being delivered in a timely manner?
    * What is Congress doing that could impact my job?

Hear first hand from government representatives and get the inside scoop on what important issues are going to happen before anyone else. Not only will you hear from Capitol Hill, you can now sign up to visit and take your concerns to its door.


Location: Venable LLP Conference Center
Kontaktieren 575 7th St. NW Washington , USA