November 14 - 15, 2012    Offenburg , 德国
The next EcoMobil held to fourth place in Offenburg. For the first time also in the context of EcoMobil the joint annual meeting of the Climate Alliance, the SRL -. Performed Association for Urban, Regional and National Planning Association and the Information Group for planning IfR eV
The focus of the event is the climate-friendly integrated urban development. Climate and climate change, urban and transport planning, and the energy efficiency in a spatial context are thus in the foreground. communities, suppliers, vehicle suppliers and consultants who are active in the area of climate and climate-friendly town, or want to get involved, the EcoMobil use specifically for their insights and discuss issues.


Location: Messe Offenburg
Number of conference rooms: 10 Largest conference room in sq. m.: 5,800 Exhibition area in sq. m.: 0 Total hall area in sq.m.: 0 Grounds in sq. m.: 0 Total conference area in..
联系 Postfach 2110 77611 Offenburg , Germany
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